Выбери правильный ответ. 16 They are considering _another shop next year. A open B opening C to open 17 This time next month I _ in a new house. A will live B am living C will be living 18 The match _ at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon A start B has started C starts 19 She claims _ Brad Pitt last year. A to meet B to have met C have met 20 Samantha is starting a new job tomorrow. She _ forward to it. A is looking B looks C look 21 He _ to work when the accident happened. A is driving B was driving C drove 22 They were happy to hear they _ a prize A win B had won C were winning 23 They _ together for five years A work B are working C have worked 24 I think James _us tomorrow. A has visited B visit C will visit 25 _ is my favourite form of execise. A Jogging B Jog C To jog 26 The boys avoided _ through the dark forest. A walking B to walk C walk 27 Many seems _ a fight with Jack again. A have had B to have C to have had 28 They don’t allow _ in the examination room. A talking B talk C to talk 29 Peter _ forty years old in January A be B will be C has been 30 I _ you a new coat next winter. A have bought B will buy C bought 31 The whole class studied hard, so they _ all their exams. A are passing B pass C passed 32 I _James tonight. We have arranged it. A see B am seeing C saw 33 The boss has decided _ a bigger office. A to rent 6 renting C rent 34 You had better _ your umbrella with you today. A taking B to take C take 35 They _ for half an hour when the doctor came. A have waited B had been waiting C wait 36 I think my sister _ a dancer one day. A become B is becoming C will become 37 Look at the sunshine! It _ a beautiful day. A is going to be B is being C be