1Change the sentences into reported speech.
Jim said,” I will come tomorrow.”
Father asked Tom,” Have you finished your test?”
Alice wondered,” Is the dress expensive?”
Ann told me,” I didn’t like yesterday shopping.”
He said, “Now Mary is playing the piano in her room.”
Mother ordered her son, “Don’t lend money to strangers.”
They said,” We have been listening to music since 5 p.m.”
Jane signed, “Yesterday it was very cold.”
Robin wondered,” What is Ann doing now?”
Alice told Jane,” Last week I was in London.”
Choose the correct word and complete the sentences.
I would like (some/a) water.
I need (some/a ) meat, (some /a)potato,
(some /a) carrots and (some/a) salt to cook dinner.
Have (some/a) piece of cake.

Jim said that he would come the next day.
Father asked Tom if he had finished his test.
Alice wondered if the dress was expensive.
Ann told me she hadn’t liked the previous day’s shopping.
He said that Mary was playing the piano in her room.
Mother ordered her son not lend money to strangers.
They said that they had been listening to music since 5 p.m.
Jane signed that the day before it had been very cold.
Robin wondered what Ann was doing at that moment.
Alice told Jane that the previous week she had been in London.
I would like (some) water.
I need (some) meat, (a) potato, (some) carrots and (some) salt to cook dinner.
Have (a) piece of cake.

Choose the correct words to describe the pictures.
My brother tfll short/
His hair is spiky curly
and dark fair.His eyes
are biq and brown blue.

Выберите правильные слова для описания изображений.
Мой брат коротко /
Его волосы колючие кудрявые
и темная ярмарка. Его глаза
имеют двукратный и коричневый синий цвет.

Выберите правильные слова, чтобы описать фотографии.
Мой брат tfl короткий/ Его волосы колючие, кудрявые и тёмно/ светлые.
Глаза у него большие коричневый/ cиний.  

Read the dialogue again and choose the correct words.
1.The empty cupboard is too small/ messy for Katie’s grandmother.
2. Katie thiks her bedroom is all right/ messy.
3. There are clothes/ books on the floor.
4. Katie likes sitting on her bed / the floor.
5. Katie is reading / listening to music.
6. Katie tidies / doesn’t tidy her room in the end.

Прочитайте диалог еще раз и выберите правильные слова.
1. Пустой шкаф слишком мал/ грязный для бабушки Кэти.
2. Кэти считает, что в ее спальне все в порядке/ грязно.
3. На полу есть одежда / книги.
4. Кэти любит сидеть на кровати / полу.
5. Кэти читает / слушает музыку.
6. Кэти поправляет / не убираю свою комнату в конце.

Выберите слово и объясните почему,
Choose the correct word:
1. Drinking much water is a good custom/ habit/ tradition.
2. My parents don’t let/ make me work in our garden much, but I like it myself.
3. We tried to find you, but the spectators/ audience/ crowd was crazy and we didn’t manage it.
4. Writing New Year’s cards is our family custom/ habit/ tradition.
5. My parents don’t let/ make me study hard, but I do.
6. The spectators/ audience/ crowd say the car crash happened at midday.

1. Там точно habit, потому что "Пить много воды это хорошая привычка", то есть слова обычай и традиция никак не подходят.
2. Слово  make. В предложении говорится, что родители заставляют меня много работать, но мне это нравится, то есть подходит по смысле.
3. В общем, во всех предложения слова подбираются исключительно по смыслу. А не по правилу. Слово  crowd
4. Слово tradition.
5. Слово don’t let
6. Слово spectators

Exercise 1. Choose the correct word.
1) The book is based on a true / real story.
2) Greetings / Remarks from Turkey!
3) It was totally responsible / irresponsible of you to leave your house unlocked for two days.
4) What you wrote in your essay was clear and logical / illogical. That’s why you got “A”.
Exercise 2. Complete the sentences using back, round, across, out.
1) She came __________ a letter from an old friend.
2) They came __________ to work when we called them.
3) Jason came __________ to wish me Happy Birthday.
4) This issue of Fame Magazine came __________ last week.
Exercise 3. Translate the dialogue.
A: Pacific Teen Camp. How can I help you?
B: Good morning. My name’s Ann Smith. I’d like to reserve a week at your camp.
A: When would you like to come?
B: The first week of August.
A: Which courses would you like to take?
B: I’d like to take swimming and horse riding.
A: That’s fine.
B: Can you send me an e-mail with the details?
A: Certainly. Can you give me your e-mail address?
B: Of course. It’s [email  protected]

Exercise 1. Choose the correct word. 1) The book is based on a real story. 2) Greetings  from Turkey! 3) It was totally irresponsible of you to leave your house unlocked for two days. 4) What you wrote in your essay was clear and logical. That’s why you got “A”. 
Exercise 2. Complete the sentences using back, round, across, out. 1) She came across a letter from an old friend. 2) They came out to work when we called them. 3) Jason came round to wish me Happy Birthday. 4) This issue of Fame Magazine came back last week. 
A: Тихоокеанский лагерь для подростков. Чем я могу вам помочь?
Б: Доброе утро. Меня зовут Энн Смит. Я хотел бы зарезервировать неделю в вашем лагере.
 A: Когда вы хотели бы приехать? Б: Первая неделя августа. A: Какие курсы вы хотели бы взять?
Б: Я хотел бы заняться плаванием и верховой ездой.
A: отлично
B: Можете ли вы выслать мне электронное письмо с подробностями?
A: Конечно. Можете ли вы дать мне свой адрес электронной почты?

Choose the correct word or phrase in each sentence.
1. When did you last go/have you last been to the cinema? 2. We’d better wait here until the rain stops/will stop. 3. I’ve finished my exams; so I’m having/I have a party tomor­row. 4. Why do you stare/are you staring at me like that? You look/are looking beautiful today. 5. When the phone rang I had/was having coffee in the kitchen. 6. I can’t go out because I haven’t finished/I didn’t finish my homework yet. 7. How long are you working/have you been working here? 8. I’m waiting for Kate. Have you seen/Did you see her? 9. Your suitcase looks very heavy. Will I/Shall I help you? 10. When I was a child, I used to ride/was riding a tricycle. 11. What do you do/are you doing! I’m a student. 12. When we arrived home, it already stopped/had stopped raining and the children sat/were sitting outside the door waiting for us. 13. At the beginning of the film I realized that I saw/had seen it before. 14. I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I know/will know the results. 15. I’m sorry I can’t talk long. I study/am studying for an exa­mination. 16. I stay/am staying at the Hotel Superior. Why don’t you call me? 17. "What did you do/were you doing when you saw the snake?" - I ran away! 18. By the time the police get there, the burglars will have vanished/ vanished. 19. I’m sorry I haven’t written/I didn’t write to you lately, but I’ve been working/worked hard this term. 20. When I was on holiday last summer, I was going/went to the beach every day and lie/was lying in the sun since morn­ing till afternoon.

1. Go
2. Will
3. I have
4. Stare/Are
5. Had
6. Finished
7. Have
8. Did
9. Shall ( Но сейчас он вышел из употребления в современном английском, так что можно и will)
10. Ride
11. Are
12. Had stopped/Were
13. Had
14. Will
15. Am studying
16. Am staying
17. Do
18. Там 2 одинаковых вариантов ответа?
19. Have not written/Worked
20. Went/Was

1. Have. 2. Will stop. 3. I’m having4. are staring. 5. Look. 6. had. 7. I haven’t finished. 8. Have you been working. 9. Have you seen. 10. ride. 11. do. 12. Had stopped. 13. were sitting. 14Had seen. 15. Will know. 16. am studying. 17. stay. 18. were you doing. 19. vanished. 20. I haven’t written. 21 I have been working. 22. went. 23. was lying.

Choose the correct words from the options below.
1 A a B a lot C much D many
2 A some B a C much D many
3 A much B few C a D a few
4 A a B lots of C much D a few
5 A- B a C the D some
6 A a B much C some D lot of
7 A some B few C little D lots
8 A little B many C some D lots
How to make aubergine bake
This is a simple, delicious dish which doesn’t take (1)___ preparation.You need 2 large aubergines, 4 lomatoes, 2 onions, 1 green pepper garlic, 2 boiled eggs, cheese, and salt.
Cut lhe aubergines into slices and leave them in salty water for 20 minutes. Slice the tomatoes, onions, green pepper and eggs. Grate the cheese.
Take a large tray and spread (2)___ butter on it. Place (3)___ pieces of aubergine on the tray, add (4)___l garlic, and (5)___ little bil of salt. Next, add the tomatoes, onions, pepper and (6)___ cheese.
Repeat the steps adding another layer of the same ingredients. Put the sliced ​​egg on top with (7)___pepper. Add (8)___ of cheese this time and a couple of spoonfuls of oregano. Bake for 30 minutes.

Как приготовить баклажанную выпечку
Это простое, вкусное блюдо, которое не требует много подготовки. Вам нужно 2 больших баклажана, 4 ломата, 2 луковицы, 1 зеленый перец чеснок, 2 вареных яйца, сыр и соль. Разрежьте баклажаны на кусочки и оставьте их в соленой воде на 20 минут. Нарежьте помидоры, лук, зеленый перец и яйца. Натереть сыр. Возьмите большой поднос и намажьте маслом. Поместите несколько кусочков баклажана на поднос, добавьте чеснок и немного соли. Затем добавьте помидоры, лук, перец и сыр. Повторите шаги, добавляя еще один слой из тех же ингредиентов. Положите нарезанное яйцо сверху небольшим количеством перца. Добавьте немного сыра на этот раз и пару ложек орегано. Испеките в течение 30 минут.