Описание внешности Эвана Питерса на английском

Big-eyed blonde Evan Peters we know from the series " American horror story. " It would seem that we are accustomed to seeing such blondes in the roles of touching boys, but that was not the case. The guy with a completely bright appearance surprisingly organically fit into the oppressive atmosphere of the series, where from season to season he got gloomy roles. It was noticed and glossy publications, inviting him to shoot in a similar entourage.We would like to see Evan in something fresh and romantically positive, but while the directors are not in a hurry to offer him touching roles. However, the track record of the 26-year-old actor is already impressive, he starred in numerous serials, for example, " Hill of one tree ", " Speaking with ghosts," " House," " Think as a criminal " and " Office." In the big breakthrough movie Evan did not have, but he appeared in the films " Pipets " and " Never give up." This year, we will see Peters in the movie " X-Men: Days of the Past ".If you really dream of a dream: Evan would have gotten a great Romeo or, say, a character like Tim Lake, from the movie Boyfriend from the Future. Unfortunately, it’s not for us to decide, but suddenly the Hollywood masters will be able to read our thoughts.Evan - a modest and unexpectedly family guy, but despite this, he is a frequent guest of the red carpet, and his pretty face now and then appears in a variety of magazines. As you understand, it’s not a serious career or an eccentric character. Just a young actor chose a great party: Evan meets with the partner on the series "American Horror Story" by Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts.The guys met on the set: "We saw each other every day, but we thought only about the film, and not about romantic relationships," Emma says. Despite the fact that we did not have "love at first sight", I already thought: "We will definitely meet". "

Emma watched as she looked into the water, because now the actors not only meet, but have already announced their engagement.However, not everything is so smooth in the relations of the doves. Recently, Emma was arrested for. beating a loved one. As the bloggers say, in one of the quiet evenings, Emma’s neighbors and Evan heard screams. Concerned, they called the police. Arriving, the guards of the order were very surprised, it turns out that the lovers had a real fight, in which Evan suffered. For the broken nose of the future husband, Emma was taken to the station, but soon released, because Peters did not bring charges.

We hope that the darlings are being scolded - only they are mumbling, because Evan with a spoiled appearance is less likely to get an excellent role, and we are waiting for him on the big screen.

Описать свою внешность по английскому

My neighbour Alex is 18 years old and he is a student. Alex is quite good looking. He is not very tall. He is well-built and has got broad shoulders, sturdy chest and strong back. His neck is quite short and firm.
Моему соседу Алексу 18 лет. Он студент. Алекс довольно симпатичный. Он не очень высокий и хорошо сложен. У него широкие плечи, мускулистая грудь и крепкая спина. Его шея довольно короткая и крепкая.

Описать внешность друга на английском с переводом

У меня есть друг, ему 13 лет. Он мой самый лучший друг. Его зовут (Саша). Он очень умный и весёлый. У него русые волосы и зеленые глаза. Он высокий и красивый. (Саша) увлекается спортом. Он занимается футболом. Он любит читать книги. У него есть собака. Он очень добрый и очень хороший друг.
I have a friend, him 13 years.He is my the most best friend.His name is (Sasha).He very clever and merry.Beside it light brown hairs and green eye.He high and beautiful.(Sasha) rages the sport.He concerns with the football.He loves to read the books.He has a dog.He very good and very good friend.

Составить описание своего кумира по английски. Описать надо внешность. 5 класс. Пишите кого угодно, главное известного.

Catherine Adushkin — (better known as Kate Adoskin). YouTube, blogger, dancer. Katya was born on October 18, 2001 (13 years old, Libra). Katya is known that in its 13 years, the channel number of subscribers crossed the mark of 140 000, and more than 12 million views. Also, she’s very positive, funny and beautiful girl. Currently, she is engaged in dancing collective "Todes" (the official name — "ballet Todes") and the school network studios for teaching dance arts. The name comes from the term "death spiral" of figure skating. 
Adushkin Catherine ― better known as (Kate Adushkin. Version Of YouTube) Katya was born 18 October 2001 in Moscow. At the moment, he lives in Moscow. 
Why Kate Adushkin so interesting? the answer is simple ― in his 11 years, Katya has achieved bol 140,000 thousand on the YouTube channel. 
Very positive and sweet girl. At the moment dancing "TODES" dance group (official name — "ballet Todes") and the school network studios for teaching dance arts. The name comes from the term "death spiral" of figure skating.
про Катю Адушкину
Екатерина Адушкина — (более известна как Катя Адушкина). YouTube блогер, танцовщица.  
 Родилась Катя — 18 октября 2001 года, (13 лет, Весы). Катя известна тем, что в свои 13 лет, на ее канале количество подписчиков, перешло в отметку 140 000 тысяч, и более чем 12 миллионов просмотров. Так же, она очень позитивная, смешная и красивая девушка. На данный момент, Катя занимается в танцевальном коллективе — «Тодес» (официальное название — «балет Тодес») и сеть школ-студий по обучению танцевальному искусству. Название произошло от термина «тодес» из фигурного катания.  
Адушкина Екатерина ― более известна как (Катя Адушкина. Версия YouTube) 
 Родилась Катя 18 октября 2001 года в городе Москва. На данный момент, проживает в Москве.  
Почему же Катя Адушкина столь интересна? Ответ прост ― в свои 11 лет, Катя добилась боле 140 000 тысяч на YouTube канале.  
Очень позитивная и милая девушка. На данный момент занимается танцами «TODES» ― танцевальный коллектив (официальное название — «балет Тодес») и сеть школ-студий по обучению танцевальному искусству. Название произошло от термина «тодес» из фигурного катания.