Нужно описать мультфильм Анастасия на английском. help me

On the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs Anastasia Romanova, daughter of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, her grandmother Maria Feodorovna gives her a pendant and music box. Festival upset the evil sorcerer and the Lord of the dark forces, Grigory Rasputin who has sold his soul to the devil for revenge for the expulsion. He also sends untold disaster on the Royal family and the whole of Russia in General.
Anastasia and her grandmother helps the boy to escape with the king’s food; later they caught the eye of Rasputin, but he falls under the ice in the river and dies. Together they reached the crowded station, but at the time of landing on a moving train Anastasia slips, lets go of grandmother’s hand, falls, hits his head and loses his memory.It takes 10 years. All these years, Anastasia grew up in an orphanage, with no memory of anything about himself, and about the tragic history of his childhood. She calls herself Anna. Anastasia grew up, and is faced with a choice: go to work in a factory or go to St. Petersburg, to possibly find his family and revealing the secret of his past, gain future. By the will of fate, found her pup, which she nicknamed Fluff, leads her to St. Petersburg.While in Paris, Maria Fedorovna announces a big reward to whoever finds and returns her granddaughter. St. Petersburg scams Vladimir and Dimitri decide to go to the trick: find a similar girl, to teach her and pass off as Anastasia. But all attempts ended in failure, and they have already resigned, when in an abandoned Palace in which they lived, happened to be the Anastasia. They go to Paris.At the same time, the spirit of Rasputin stuck in purgatory and discovered a bat named Bartok, re-awakened to complete his plan of revenge. He uses his dark magic artifact to destroy Anastasia: provokes an accident on the train tracks, forcing Anastasia to jump into the sea from a ship and the like, but all to no avail. Then he decides for himself to deal with it and goes to Paris.Meanwhile, Anastasia and her companions arrive there and pay a visit to Sophie, her cousin Maria Feodorovna. She asks Anastasia a few questions, to which the latter gives the correct answers and confirms his identity, then Vladimir, Dmitry, Anastasia, and Sophie first go for a walk, and then to the opéra Garnier. There, Dimitri meets with Maria and tells her that they found Anastasia and brought her, but she doesn’t believe him, and her bodyguards kick Dmitry out of the room. Anastasia hears their conversation, gets angry and leaves.Dimitri kidnaps Maria and takes her to Anastasia, so she talked to her, but Mary refuses. Then Dimitri shows her the music box, which he found in the Palace, and which reminds her of the bitterness of loss. After hearing of Dmitry, Maria goes to Anastasia to talk to her and know her better. After a long conversation, Maria and Anastasia know each other and be reunited. Maria gives Dmitry a reward of 10 million rubles, but, to her surprise, he refuses and goes to Russia: although Anastasia was close to him, he was glad that she returned to her grandmother and does not want to break them up.Night during the festival to mark the return of Anastasia, Maria tells her about the decision of Dmitry and goes. Anastasia, deep in thought about Dimitri, gets to the Pont Alexandre III, where she is attacked by Rasputin. At this point, Dmitri returns and joins the battle with Rasputin to save Anastasia from death, but is injured and loses consciousness and leaves Bartok Rasputin. During the battle, Anastasia Rasputin takes away from his dark artifact and destroys his kick.As the soul of Rasputin associated with the artifact, he dies: his physical shell disintegrates under the influence of dark energy and turns into a pile of ash, which dispels the wind. After defeating an evil sorcerer and Anastasia come to Dmitry reconciled and recognized each other’s feelings; they secretly run away, and Anastasia sends Mary and Sophie farewell letter with a promise to someday return. Dmitry and Anastasia sail from Paris on a ship, and the story ends with them kissing on the deck.
надеюсь, помогла)

Надо составить описание любимого фильма по образцу плана данная фильме год выхода режиссер актер мои впечатления от просмотра сюжет краткое описание заключение.

Фильм " Один дома"
Дата выхода: 10 ноября 1990 года.
Режиссер: Крис Коламбус.
Актер: Маколей Калкин
Мои впечатления: Фильм действительно интересный, веселый, немного жестокий, но без этого фильм был бы не таким зрелищным. Да и, если бы такая ситуация произошла в реальной жизни, без жестокости бы не обошлось.
Сюжет: В основе сюжета лежит история маленького мальчика, который волею судьбы остается на рождественские каникулы один в большом доме. Интерес к происходящему подогревается тем, что богатый дом планирует обчистить парочка грабителей. Чтобы не допустить ограбления, главный герой - восьмилетний мальчик Кевин - самостоятельно защищает свой дом до возвращения родителей. Комичность ситуации заключается в том, что взрослые опытные бандиты не в состоянии преодолеть ловушки, которые устроил для них озорной паренек.
Краткое описание:  Американское семейство отправляется из Чикаго в Европу, но в спешке сборов бестолковые родители забывают дома… одного из своих детей. Юное создание, однако, не теряется и демонстрирует чудеса изобретательности. И когда в дом залезают грабители, им приходится не раз пожалеть о встрече с милым крошкой.
Заключение: Фильм "Один дома", актеры и роли, фото- и видеоматериалы, касающиеся этой киноленты, пользуются огромной популярностью во всем мире. Но многочисленные продолжения, снятые по мотивам первой киноленты, не увенчались таким успехом.

Описание какого нибудь популярного фильма на английском языке.

Harry Potter
This film consists of several parts.
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint Emma Watson Richard Harris Alan Rickman Maggie Smith Robbie Coltrane Tom Felton Matthew Lewis Ian Hart. The film was shot in 2001 and ended in 2011. He was shot in the US and UK.
The first book in the series about Harry Potter begins with a story about the Dursley family. This is an ordinary English family consisting of three people: Vernon, director of the company for the production of drills, his wife Petunia and their one-year-old son Dudley. One night, the director of the school of magic Hogwarts Professor Albus Dumbledore and Professor Hogwarts Minerva McGonagall meet at night at the house where the Dursleys live. They discuss the latest events of the magical world. Lord Voldemort, the strongest and most sinister dark magician of all time, is finally defeated. Unfortunately, before he disappeared, he killed two wizards - the spouses Lily and James Potter. Their little son, Harry, somehow managed to survive. In memory of the meeting with Volan de Mort he had only a scar in the form of a bolt of lightning on his forehead. Dumbledore believes that it would be better for Harry to grow away from unwanted fame and attention that would surround him in the world of magicians.

Напишите описание любого персонажа ( я выбрала Машу из мультфильма Маша и медведь) Описание головы ( глаза, уши, нос и т.д. )
НАЧНИТЕ примерно так: у девочки Маши из мультфильма Маша и медведь.
6 предложений на английском языке Не с переводчика из интернета! Дам 25 б!

Му  hero Masha, from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear". Masha wears a sarafan and a kerchief, they are pink. Almost all the series are funny. I really like this cartoon, I advise everyone to see.

Masha from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" has blond short hair that always stay under her shawl. She has greenish big eyes. On her cheeks she has little freckles. Masha has just six white small teeth. Her cheeks are always a bit rosy. You cannot meet a girl that looks like Masha because she looks so cartoonish.

Краткое(предложений 5-7) описание фильма пила на английском

My favorite movie is "Saw". In the film there is a maniac who creates traps for his victims. But unlike other maniacs, he always barks his victims to save himself. So he wants to show them that life is wealth. I like his philosophy and inventiveness.
"Мой любимый фильм - "Пила". В фильме присутствует маньяк, который создает ловушки для своих жертв. Но в отличие от других маньяков, он всегда дает своим жертвам возможнлсть спастись. Поэтому что он хочет показать им, что жизнь - это богатство. Мне нравится его философия и изобретательность.

Придумайте описание Гермионы из фильма Гарри Поттер

She is average, with bushy hair and big teeth.
In the first book she is introduced as:
"She had. lots of bushy brown hair, and rather large front teeth."
In the 4th book she is described as:
"Then two girls appeared in the kitchen doorway behind Mrs. Weasley. One, with very bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth, was Harry’s and Ron’s friend, Hermoine Granger."
So basically the same throughout those 4 books.
In book 4, it is made clear on many occasions that she has exceptionally big front teeth which detract from her appearance.
From Hermoine’s original description it can be said that she looks average, but with bushy hair and big teeth that detract from her appearance.
With her teeth shrunk, and hair tamed- she looks stunning.
As we can see Hermoine is much more attractive without her big teeth and bushy hair.
In general her appearance is improved by her teeth having been shrunk to a normal size.
From reading the book I would say Hermoine is average looking. In general JK Rowling never describes her appearance beyond the hair and teeth, except on the special instance of the Yule Ball. Hermoine is not distinguished by her looks, but by her intelligent, wit, and wisdom, and also by her ethical stand and steadfast loyalty.