Составить 5 вопросов с помощью конструкции there was/were и ответить на них

1. Was there a book on the table? Yes, there was. There was a book on the table.
2. Were there any apples in the fridge? No, there weren’t. There weren’t any apples in the fridge.
3. Was there a red pen in Mary’s pencil case? Yes, there was. There was a red pen in Mary’s pencilcase.
4. Was there a Cristmas tree at your school? Yes, there was. There was a Cristmas tree in my school.
5. Was there a postcard in the letter? No, there wasn’t. There wasn’t a posrcard in the letter.


Why is hot pepper? 
Why sometimes the taste of coriander is similar to soap?
Why does the fish have a pungent smell? 
Why does the egg harden when cooking? 
Is it possible to turn a boiled egg into a liquid?
How to get grapes without pits?
Why does alcohol affect clarity of mind?
Why it is not desirable to mix alcoholic beverages?
Why do we want carbohydrates at moments of sadness and sadness? 
Why is harmful always tastier than useful?

Составьте 10 вопросов про зимние каникулы на английском

This new year was lovely ! Since morning we with the father went to another city for a Christmas tree. After standing in the queue and in traffic for 3 hours, we become very upset. Luckily on the road we met a bearded uncle Alex, from the village Wench, near the Klyazma river. He sold us a beautiful tree. We got home past dark. Put up a Christmas tree. Then went to cook the kebabs. Barely dosidev until midnight I made a wish wish and went to sleep and in the morning under the tree lay a present. It was a helicopter, which I played all the holidays, brag to friends.

Составить 5 вопросов на английском языке о казахстане с вариантами ответов ( желательно с переводом)

1)как называется  столица казахстана?
what is the capital of Kazakhstan?
. Когда была принята первая Конституция независимого Казахстана?
When was the first Constitution of independent Kazakhstan adopted?
color of the flag of Kazakhstan? Цвет флага казахстана(голубой)
What is depicted a flag under the sun?  Что изображено флаге под солнцем? (орел eagle)

Составить вопросы на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ что бы ответ получилось слово:

1) Who are your mom and dad for you? My family
2) What grows in the streets? It is large and have leaves - Tree
3) What can you get from Santa Claus for the New year? A present
4) What can you see in the sky at night in the countryside? Star or stars
5) What month comes after November? December
6) Lake Baikal is the most. lake in the world. Deepest
7) What is time of the year when you can see a lot of snow? Winter
8) What kids like play with? Toys

Составьте вопросы
1. I am washing my hair at the moment.
2. The children are playing with my cat.
3. My brother is talking on the phone now.
4. It is showing again.
5. His parents are walking in the park now.
6. The cat is lying on the bed.
7. I’m preparing for my journey.
8. The teacher is beginning his lesson.
9. The birds are singing.
10. Kate is crying at the moment.
11. I am feeling well now.
12. The girls are waiting for a bus now.
13. The phone is ringing.

Are you washing your hair at the moment?
2. Are children playing with your cat now?
3. Is your brother talking on the phone now?
4. Is it showing again?

1. Am I washing my hair at the moment?
2.are children playing with my cat?
3. Is my brother talking on the phone now?
4.is it snowing again?
5.are his parents walking in the park now?
6.is cat lying on the bed?
7.am I preparing for my journey?
Остальное отвечать не буду. Мало баллов

Составьте 3 разделительных вопроса по каждому образцу()
1.These are your new group-mates, arent they?
2.Yoy have got a lot of books on geology, havent you?
3.She hasnt got any sisters or brothers, has she?
4.You understand me, dont you?
5.You dont know this man, do you?
6.She likes to play sports.doesnt she?
7.You didnt go to the party yesterday, did you?
8.She told you about a change in our plan, didnt she?

1. Это твои новые товарищи по группе, не так ли?2.Yoy есть много книг по геологии, havent вы?3. У нее нет сестер или братьев, не так ли?4. Ты понимаешь меня, не так ли?5. Ты не знаешь этого человека, не так ли?6. Она любит играть в спорт. Не так ли?7. Вы вчера не пошли на вечеринку, не так ли?8. Она рассказала вам об изменении нашего плана, не так ли?

Составе вопросы к данным ответам:
1) every day.
2) Yes, I am.
3) 2 times a week.
4) No, he doesn’t.
5) At home.
6) To school.
7) By bus.
8) No, we aren’t.
9) Yes, I do.
10) Mike.
11) In the morning.
12) At 10 pm.
13) Tomorrow.
14) Yes, he will.
15) No, they won’t.

1)When you go to school?
2)Do you like do homework?
3)How much time do you help your mum?
4)Does he go for a walk every day?
5)Where are you?
6)Where are you read books?
7) -
8)Аre you talking about Maria?
9)Do you wath TV?
10)Who eats my apple?
11)When are you have breakfast?
12)When do you wake up?
13) -
14) -
15 -

1)How often do you go to school?
2) Are you scared?
3)How often do you play basketball?
4)Does Jake like pizza?
5)Where are you now?
6)where are you going?
7)How do you get to school?
8)Are we going to wait for them?
9)Do you have any pets?
10)Who is that boy with skateboard?
11)When did you lost your keys?
12) When are you going to meet today)
13)When is your birthday?
14)Will Jackson play tennis with us?
15) Will they come to our party?
Вот здесь правильно.

Составить 10 вопросов к тексту
Michael is an accountant in a language school. He lives in a small flat on the fourth floor of a building in a small street in Tokyo. The school is far from his home. He goes to work by bus, and leaves home at eight o'clock to get to work in time. He usually does some work in the bus on his way to work. Michael's school is near a railway station. The school is big and has a lot of students. Michael likes his office; it is opposite the reception desk, but it is big and quiet. He works from 9 until one, and then goes to lunch. Then he starts work again at two and finishes at five. After work he buys some food, has supper at home. He likes living in Japan. He doesn't go home to England on holiday, but visits pretty places in Japan.

Переведите на английский язык

1. Я живу в Волгограде. Мой друг живет в Волгограде тоже. Ему 20 лет.

2. Я умею водить, но у меня нет машины. У моего отца есть автомобиль.

3. У Джейн две дочери и один сын. Они живут в Шотландии.

4. Когда вы приходите домой?

5. Когда вы ложитесь спать?

6. Где наш ноутбук? Он в офисе.

7. Который час? 7.30. Ты опаздываешь! Твой рабочий день начинается в 7.40

8. Ты умеешь играть в теннис? Ты хорошо играешь? А Бред хорошо играет?

9. У моей сестры два сына. Они живут в Москве. Они хорошо говорят на английском.

10. Ты говоришь на немецком? А твой учитель говорит на немецком?

Составить 10 вопросов к 4 главе книги "Волшебник изумрудного города"

1. Ellie where she lived?2. Who were her parents?3. Why Ellie did not go to school? 4. Why is the wicked witch of Gingema people sent a strong hurricane? 5. Ellie was in a flying van, along with Toto?6. Where was Ellie after the hurricane? 7. How many witches? 8. What was the name of the good witches and in which countries they lived? 9. What was the name of the evil fairies and where they lived? 10. Looked like the Munchkins? 11. What shoes brought Toto for Ellie? 12. What killed the wicked witch of Gingema? 13. Who needs to help Ellie? 14. Where did he live?15. Ellie will find a way in this city? 16. What are the conditions to fulfill Ellie? 17. What a wish was the Scarecrow? 18. Who told him about the brains?19. Someone kicked Scarecrow out of the hut in which slept? 20. How many days stayed in the forest the woodcutter? 21. What a wish was a Lumberjack, and why? 22. The woodcutter turned into iron? 23. As the Ogre grabbed Ellie? 24. Who showed the way to the Ogre, the tin man and Scarecrow? 25. Looked like an Ogre.26. Ellie thanked her friends for their salvation? 27. I wanted the lion to ask the wizard Goodwin? 28. Why is it Ellie called you a coward? 29. As travelers crossed the first ravine?30. Why, when the lion jumped, not ran? 31. What animals, according to Ellie, in Kansas already extinct, and in this country live well? 32. As friends defeated saber-toothed tigers? 33. Who figured out how to get across the river? 34. What happened to the Scarecrow, when they moved across the river?35. Who saved the Scarecrow?36. Who saved the woodcutter, having chopped off the head of a wild yellow cat? 37. Who helped the tin man and Scarecrow to bring a sleeping lion from the poppy field? 38. Why beautiful flowers poppies can kill a person?39. Looked like Goodwin? 40. Why the inhabitants of oz, day and night wear glasses?41. Who was able to summon soldier Dean of Giora, who was busy combing his beard? 42. Who saw Allie in the throne room? 43. What the job gave Goodwin Ellie to return home? 44. Saw a Scarecrow in the throne room? 45. I saw someone in the throne room of the woodcutter?