Заполните пропуски.
1. You don’t need to want for a bus. It’ll take you about ten minutes to get there. foot.
2. If you are in a hurry, we can go. car.
3. When the plane took. Jane realized that her new friend was not on board.
4. Because of the traffic jams lots of the passengers were late. their flights.
5. I am totally. this plane. It won’t work. We need to invent something different.
6. For safety reasons all the baggage was checked. specially trained dogs.
Используйте слова в подходящей форме.
New lands have always attracted people. Some. (geography) discoveries were made by chance or even due to mistakes. The travellers of the past did not have any. (rely) navigation devices. Maps were often inaccurate and incomplete which made mistakes. (avoidable). The dangers, however, didn’t stop the adventurers. They used every. (possible) for exploring the world. Lots of. (fortunate) travellers lost their lives, but those who survived kept searching for new lands, new goods, and new knowledge. The knowledge was, obviously, the most. (value) of these things.
Используйте глаголы в пасивном.
1. Knowling how much I hate packing, Clara offered to help. But when she arrived, all my luggage. (pack) and her help was not needed.
2. Due to some technical problem our flight. (delay) and we got stuck in the airport.
3. As soon we arrived at the hotel, we. (inform) about the programme of our excursions. We didn’t know what to start with - all of them looked interesting.
4. If we don’t make the reservation right now, all the rooms in our favourite hotel. (occupy). Look, there are only a few rooms available now.
5. I always label every piece of my luggage. Look! My phone number. (write) on all my suitcasses and bags. That means they cannot be lost.
6. Dear passengers, now you can unfasten your seat belts. In a few minutes you. (offer) some drinks and snacks.