8. Заполните пропуски глаголами в Past Continuous, учитывая длительность действия в главном и придаточном предложениях. Дополните предложения.
1. When my brother. I.(to watch, to listen). 2. When my friends. I.(to
’ play, to read). 3. When my mother. I.(to cook, to do). 4. When my father. my
sister.(to speak on the phone, to listen). 5. When my colleague. I.(to make a
translation, to tell words). 6. When I. my colleague.(to write, to smoke). 7. When our
secretary. the chief.(to send, to look). 8. When we. children.(tohave dinner, to play). 9. When children. we. and. (to sing, to sit, to listen).
10. When we. we.(to walk, to speak). 11. When I. my colleagues.
(to work, to have lunch).

Дополнить? Надеюсь, я правильно поняла смысл задания.  
1. When my brother was watching TV, I was listening to music
2. were playing football, was reading a book
3. was cooking pasta, was doing my homework
4. was speaking on the phone with my mom, was listening to radio
5. was making a translation of a trail page from the text, was telling words from dictionary
6. was writing a letter, was smoking a cigar
7. was sending documents, was looking at her
8. were having dinner for our anniversary, were playing computer games
9. were singing songs, we were sitting and listening
10. were walking down the street, were speaking 
11. was working, were having
Краткая заметка по Past Continuous. Оно указывает на процесс, длившийся в определенный момент или период в прошлом. Крайне легко образуется.
Нужен вспомогательный глагол to be в прошедшем времени (was или were, но тут всё зависит от подлежащего. Если это I/She/He/It - was, если We/They/You - were) и причастие настоящего времени (Participle I) (т. Е. V+ing. Если закрытый слог, то удваиваем букву в конце. Например, he was siTTing). Если будут вопросы, то пишите.

Напишите, несчастный случай используя past continuous/progessive.
Минимум 15 предложений. Главное, чтобы больше past continuousа было

Last year my friends and I decided to go to the beach. We were going to swim and sunbathe. When we got to the beach there were a lot of people. Literally, there was no place to put your blanket on. So, we took our clothes off and dived into the cold water. It was quite a mistake as it became evident later. The moment I was in the water I felt a spasm in my right leg. I tried to get to the surface, I was desperately forcing my body off the water. But when I finally got to the surface I started drowning. I was moving my hands disorderly trying to grip something or somebody around me. I couldn’t even scream first, I was just panicking. I was going down and up on and on until I finally screamed. I was screaming loudly and terribly hoping almost for nothing. However, suddenly somebody grabbed me. He was dragging me ashore trying to calm me down. I think everybody on the beach was pretty scared. People were greeting us happily. The only thing I was thinking about that moment was me telling my parents what happened. Nothing scared me more.

Какое время обозначает past continuous и как оно употребляеся в предложениях?

Это время обозначает действие, которое длилось в прошлом какое-то время. Образуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола was(с местоимениями I, he, she, it) или were(с местоимениями you, we, they)+     к основному глаголу добавляется окончание-ing. Например:
I was working  at 10 o’clock last night.
Yesterday she was wearing jeans and a sweater.
It wasn’t raining when I went out.
What were you doing at 3 o’clock?

Придумайте 3 предложения на английском.
Такого типа как:
Моя сестра рисовала картину, когда я испекла кексы. Когда моя сестра нарисовала картину, я готовила кексы.
Рисовала (делала)
испекла (сделала)
1 предл. Должен быть в Утверд.
2 в Отриц.
3 в Вопрос.
(Все эти предложения должны быть в Past Continuous)

My sister was drawing(painting) picture while i was cooking cakes&
i was cooking cakes while my sister was drawing(painting) picture.
my sister wasn"t drawing(painting) picture while i wasn"t cooking cakes&
i wasn"t cooking cakes while my sister wasn’t drawing(painting) picture
was my sister drawning(painting) picture while i was cooking cakes?
was i cooking while my sister was drawing(painting picture?
я не знаю вроде так если что вот таблица

We use the past continuous for actions which were in progress at a certain time in the past. Kalral was watching TV at 6 o’clock yesterday evening. We weren’t playing basketball yesterday at 10 pm. We were sleeping. Were you watching TV? TIME EXPRESSIONS USED WITCH THE PAST CONTINUOUS: yesterday, last week, while, as, at ten o’clock, yesterday morning, etc.

Я же тебя правильно поняла, что тебе нужно перевод!
Мы используем прошлое, непрерывное для действий, которые осуществлялись в определенное время в прошлом. Вчера Калраль смотрел телевизор в 6 часов вечера. Вчера мы не играли в баскетбол в 10 часов вечера. Мы спали. Вы смотрели телевизор? ВРЕМЕННЫЕ ЭКСПРЕССИИ ИСПОЛЬЗУЛИСЬ ЗАПИСЬ ПРОШЛОЕ НЕПРЕРЫВНОЕ: вчера, на прошлой неделе, пока, как, в десять часов, вчера утром и т. Д.

Предложения past continuous + past continuous

3 предложения

When you called I was taking a shower.
Charlie and me were already driving home when the engine suddenly stopped.
He was watching the film from 6 till 8 – Он смотрел фильм с 6 до 8.
Mary was dancing but when she saw me she stopped – Мария танцевала, но когда она увидела меня, она остановилась.
We were playing football while my mother was cooking lunch – Мы играли в футбол, пока мама готовила обед.
I was being followed by a stranger – Меня преследовал незнакомец.

Написать 5 предложений в Past Continuous.

I was working.

I was not working.

She wasn’t working.

Weren’t we working?

It was raining in the morning. 

Mary was dancing but when she saw me she stopped – Мария танцевала, но когда она увидела меня, она остановилась. Who was talking on the phone? – Кто говорил по телефону? Weren’t you dancing at the party? – Разве ты не танцевал на вечеринке? I wasn’t driving home from 5 till 6 – Я не ехал домой с 5 до 6.

Напишите формулу Past Continuous

Was, were глагол с окананием ing(V+ing)

Утвердительная форма:
-в ед. Числе: was+ing
-I was writing
-He was doing 
Отрицательная форма:
-в ед. Числе: was not +ing
-I was not writing
-He was not going 
Вопросительная форма:
-в ед. Числе: was+подлежащее+ing
-Was i writing?
-Was he doing?

, знающие люди с хорошим воображением и готовые помочь. Составьте 10 предложений с countable and uncountable nouns in Past Continuous. Заранее благодарна вам)

One day when I was walking in an orchard, a ripe apple fall on my head
While my hair was being cut, I was staring at my reflection in the mirror
When the zoo keepers were watching funny videos on their phones, the lion broke out of the cage.
While my mom was chatting to my aunt, I was sipping coffee
I was loading my luggage this time yesterday
When I was doing an online English test, my computer suddenly broke down
Having met Jane by pure chance, I knew that she was leaving Moscow for London at 8 pm the following day
We were walking around the harbour and looking at fishing boats
Надеюсь, хоть как-то помогла

Переведите на английский язык, используя Past Continuous: 1. Он писал письмо, когда я пришел к нему. 2. Он делал свою работу, пока его братья играли в футбол. 3. Я упал, когда играл в футбол. 4. Мы делали уроки, когда пошел дождь. 5. Когда учитель писал на доске, новая учительница вошла в класс. 6. Когда зазвонил телефон, я работал в саду. 7. Я увидел своих одноклассников, когда я шел по улице. 8. Начался дождь, когда мы наблюдали за игрой.

1.  He was writing a letter, when I came to him. 2. He was doing his work, while his brothers were playing football. 3.  I fell down, when I was playing football. 4.  We were doing our homework, when it started to rain. 5.  When the teacher was writing on the blackboard, a new teacher came into the classroom. 6.  I was working in the garden, when the phone rang. 7.  I saw my schoolmates, when I was walking along the street. 8. It started to rain, when we were watching the game.