Поставьте глаголы в следующих предложениях в утвердительную, вопросительную и отрицательную формы Present Continuous
1)The teacher is (to read) a text now.
2)I am (to walk) with my dog now.
3)Look! He is (to ride) his bike.
4)The ducks are (to swim).
5)We are (to sit) in the classroom.
6)Look! Polly is (to take) my pen.
7)The pupils are (to stand) up.
8)Kate is (to make) a cake now.
9)You (to go) to school now.

is the teacher readind now?
am i walking?
are the ducks swimming?
are we sitting?
is Polly taking my pen?
are the pupils standing up?
is kate making a cake?
are you going to the school?
isn’t reading
i am not walking
isn’t riding
aren’t swimming
aren’t sitting
isn’t taking
aren’t standing up
isn’t making
aren’t go

10 предложений на present continuous с переводом

I am reading now я читаю сейчас
You are watching TV now Ты смотришь телевизор сейчас
Is she eating? Она ест?
Is she drawing? Она рисует?
They are very loudly singing - они очень громко поют
We are going now Сейчас мы идём
You are talking with us Вы говорите с нами
I am cooking Я готовлю (еду)
We are driving to the counry Мы едем в деревню

1.I’m doing my homework(Я делаю мою домашнюю работу)
2.My sister is playing with her ball (Моя сестра играет с её мячом)
3.My dad is building a house (Мой папа строит дом)
4.My mother is cooking a breakfast (Моя мама готовит завтрак)
5.We are walking on the street (Мы гуляем по улице)
6.I am helping my grandmother (Я помогаю моей бабушке)
7.My friend is helping me with maths(Мой друг помогает мне с математикой)
8.I am reading a book( Я читаю книгу)
9.My sister is doing housework (Моя сестра делает уборку по дому)
10.We are going on the shopping center Мы ходим по торговому центру)

с заданием:
Correct the mistakes in the sentences. Put the verbs in the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.
Example: I am thinking he’s an interesting man. I think he’s an interesting
1. Tom works at the moment. Can I take a message? _____________________
2. I am often playing tennis on Saturdays. ______________________________
3. We’re working on the Smith account this week. It usually takes three weeks
to complete a project. ___________________________________________
4.We rarely go out for dinner, but this week we go out on Saturday.______________________________________________________
5. He is believing every word she says. ________________________________
6. Angela gets up at 7 o’clock and is having breakfast. ____________________
7. Peter is asking a lot of questions every day. __________________________
8. Jason doesn’t know the answer to this question. He is knowing the other
answers. ______________________________________________________
9. We attend a meeting in Chicago this weekend. ________________________
10. She is wanting to purchase a new computer. _________________________

 1 Tom is working at the moment.Can I take a message? 
2 I  often play tennis on Saturdays. 
3. We work on the Smith account this week. It usually takes three weeks
to complete a project.
 4.We rarely go out for dinner, but this week we are going out on Saturday.
5. He believes every word she says.
6. Angela gets up at 7 o’clock and  has breakfast. 
7. Peter  asks a lot of questions every day
8. Jason doesn’t know the answer to this question. He  knows the other
9. We are attending a meeting in Chicago this weekend
10. She  wants to purchase a new computer. 

Упражнение 13. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя Present Indefinite и Present Continuous.
1. Я читаю газеты каждый день. 2. Сейчас я читаю журнал. 3. На каком иностранном языке говорит твоя сестра? 4. О чем они говорят? 5. Она хорошо играет на пианино. 6. Кто там играет на пианино? 7. Они не ходят в эту библиотеку. 8. Куда ты идешь? — Я иду в библиотеку. 9. Мой брат играет в теннис. 10. Они, наверное, играют в теннис. 11. Она не любит кофе с молоком. 12. Где живет твоя сестра? 13. Она смотрит телевизор каждый день. 14. Никто сейчас не смотрит телевизор.

1 I read newspapers every day.
2 Now I’m reading a magazine.
3 In what foreign language does your sister say?
4 What are they talking about?
5 she plays the piano well.
6 who plays the piano there?
7 nor go to this library.
8. Where are you going? I’m going to the library.
9. My brother plays tennis.
10. They probably play tennis.
11. She does not like coffee with milk
. 12. Where does your sister live?
13. She watches TV every day.
14. No one is watching TV now.