29. Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в требуемом по смыслу времени.
1. The ship (to go) to the north when a storm (to break) out. 2. By this time next year you (to graduate) from the University. 3. He (to become) a doctor now. 4. They (to drive) at about ninety miles an hour when the accident (to happen). 5. Although the weather (to be) fine during the last few days, this spring is not a good one on the whole. 6. When I (to get) to the station, I (to learn) that the bus (to leave) a few minutes before. 7. He generally (to play) baseball very well, but today he (to play) very badly. 8. All last week he (to prepare) for the exam. 9. That man (to teach) in this school since 1992. 10. Water (to change) into ice when the temperature (to drop) below zero. 11. We (to see) your brother two years ago, but we not (to see) him since then. 12. It (to rain) every day since we (to come) here. 13. When we (to reach) the wood, we (to find) that a party of strangers (to occupy) the spot which we (to choose) for our picnic. 14. Kindly repeat what you just (to say). 15. I only (to succeed) in solving tie problem after I (to work) on it for several hours. 16. He reminded me that we (to be) classmates at school. 17. My brother (to remain) in Saratov till the end of the war. 18. I (to hear) that you (to give) up the idea of studying French. 19. Up to now I not (to hear) anything from him. 20. He (to be) a correspondent for The Times since 1981. 21. Come to my room as soon as you (to return). 22. I (to know) him ever since we (to be) children. 23. I shall cash the cheque as soon as the bank (to be) open. 24. He said he (to reach) home by midnight 25. By the time he is thirty he (to become) a great pianist. 26. He (to shrug) his should (to shake) his head, but (to say) nothing. 27. Dima (to go) to St. Petersburg last year and (to work) there since then. 28. When I get back, they probably (to have supper). 29. He wanted to go to the Far East as he never (to be) there.