Плюсы и минусы занятия спортом ну естественно на английском языке текст,

Sport in Our Life (1)
People all over the world are fond of sports and games.
Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined.
It unites people of different classes and nationalities. Many people do sports on their personal initiative. They go in for skiing, skating, table tennis, swimming, volley-ball, football, body-building, etc.
All necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums, sport grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, skiing stations, football fields.
Sport is paid much attention to in our educational establishments. Gymnastics is a part of children’s daily activities in the kindergartens. Physical culture is ч compulsory subject at schools and colleges.
Professional sport is also paid much attention to in our country. In city, where I live, there are different sporting societies, clubs and complexes.
Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our country, but football, gymnastics and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity. As for me, I go in for table tennis (ping-pong). It needs mobility, liveliness and much energy. It keeps a person in a good form. I have been playing tennis for five years, but the more I play, the more I like it. I get a real joy taking part in competitions or simply playing with my friends. Sometimes, I go to tennis courts.
Certainly, there’s a great distance between my manner of playing and such favourites as Jim Courier, Stephan Edberg, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Per Korda, but I do my training with great pleasure and hope to play as well as our best players do.

Нужен текст о семейных традициях на английском языке(5-8 предложений)

In this essay I will be discussing family traditions aMedia influence has also had an effect on what families do on Christmas day and around the festive season. Many families have the same traditions, or slightly altered versions of them, even when the families do not have any connection.nd the reasons behind them.One family tradition at Christmas is that there is a roast dinner that includes a turkey, sprouts and other seasonal vegetables. In the past Goose was served on Christmas Day, however today turkey is the meat of choice.. Today families put up their trees around 2 weeks before Christmas and hang decorations and lights on it. Some families make decorations for the tree where as others buy sets that fit the theme of their house.

Перевести на английский следующий текст:
По моему мнению учителя в обычных школах могут дать достаточно знаний. Для этого нужно постоянно присутствовать на уроках. Выполнение домашнего задания также помогут усилить знания английского языка. Пользу принесут дополнительные задания. Ответственное отношение к изучению иностранного языка обеспечит хорошее владение языком.
Некоторые люди считают, что в школе невозможно достичь хорошего уровня английского. Есть несколько причин. Недостаточное количество уроков. Недостаточно опытные учителя. Плохая школьная программа.
Однако приличные учебные заведения не имеют всех этих негативных качеств. В современной жизни школы совершенствуются, программа для изучения английского становится проще для понимания, поэтому двух-трех уроков в неделю достаточно для достижения хорошего уровня английского.
В итоге можно сказать что в обычной школе можно достичь хорошего уровня английского. Для этого нужно понимать учителя, не лениться и всегда делать домашнее задание.

Вот БЕЗ переводчика перевела
In my opinion, teachers in ordinary schools can give enough knowledge. To do this, you must constantly attend lessons. Doing homework will also help to strengthen the knowledge of English. Benefits will bring additional tasks. Responsible attitude to learning a foreign language will ensure a good command of the language.Some people think that at school it is impossible to achieve a good level of English. There are several reasons. Insufficient number of lessons. Not enough experienced teachers. Bad school program.However, decent educational institutions do not have all these negative qualities. In modern life, schools are improving, a program for learning English becomes easier to understand, so two or three lessons per week is enough to achieve a good level of English.As a result, you can say that in a normal school you can achieve a good level of English. To do this, you need to understand the teacher, do not be lazy and always do your homework.

правильно перевести текст на английский язык
в этот день дядя оскар очень хотел спать. Но ему нужно было идти на работу. Он не приехал в банк потому что автобус ехал в большой город. Там он нашел хорошую семью. Дядя Оскар часто к нам приходит в гости. А Агата Элизабет и Джулиан не вспоминали про него.

on this day, uncle Oscar really wanted to sleep. but he had to go to work. He did not come to the bank because the bus was traveling to a big city. there he found a good family. Uncle Oscar often comes to visit us. and Agatha Elizabeth and Julian did not remember about him.

On this day uncle Oscar  really wanted to sleep. But he had to go to work. He didn’t come to bank because the bus went to a big city. There he find a good family. Uncle Oscar often comes to visit us. Agata Elizabeth and Julian didn’t remember about him.

Перевести на английский язык
1) он думает что он будет инженером
2) она сказала что хорошо знает математику
3) я решил что на следующий год поеду отдыхать на юг
4) он понял что сделал грубую ошибку
5) я не знал что ты живёшь в Москве
6) он думал что мы уже перевели этот текст
8) он сказал мне что встретит меня в колледже
9) я думаю что он уедет в Москву завтра
10) он понимает что работа будет трудной

1) He thinks that he will become an engineer.
2) She said that she knows mathematics well.
3) I’ve decided that next year I will go on a vacation to the south.
4) He realized that he had made a serious mistake (или had made a blunder)
5) I did not know that you live in Moscow.
6) He thought that we had already translated this text.
8) He told me that he would meet me at the college.
9) I think that he will leave for Moscow tomorrow.
10) He understands that the job (или work смотря в каком контекста) is going to be hard.