Написать про хобби паркур и перевести на английский

Modern youth is less interested in sports; generally many young people sit before the computer’s monitor playing different games. However there are those who bound their life with dynamic physical activity. Parkour is very popular among youngsters.
Parkour is modern sport, art of obstacle passing mainly city jungles. Parkour appeared in France not so long ago and at once win the young people’s hearts. From the French language “parkour” is translated as obstacle line because the main goal of parkour is to occur fast in definite place using only your own body. The parkour creator David Belle considers that parkour allows changing your concern of the world and surrounding area, to accept obstacles as barriers and to find a way out. People who go in for parkour are called tracers, they wield power and speed. As I know authorities of some countries want to add parkour to the training course of policemen to tackle crimes more effectively.
I think parkour helps people to know their body, to learn to trust themselves and to be strong. Sure enough it doesn’t do without injuries, but the main thing is not to give up, to be self-assured and resistant. It is very important to be engaged in physical activity for health promotion, and parkour is the discipline combining sport and philosophy, i. e. it develops both body and thinking. Современная молодежь мало увлекается

Составьте 10 предложений про своё хобби (рисование)

Я люблю рисовать
Я красиво рисую
Я хожу в художественную школу
У меня есть много красивых рисунков
Я рисую в свободное время
Когда я вырасту я станы художником
Я больше всего люблю рисовать. ( Что вы любите рисовать)
Я рисую на каждые праздники
Я рисую когда мне плохо
Я рисую обычно красками и карандашами ( например)

I love paint.
The paint is my favourit school subject
I have many reforms
I want to become an artist

2. Люди почти любого возраста могут иметь развлечения.
4. Существуют различные виды искусства, и каждый из них имеет массу возможностей для хобби.
6. Самый распространенный вид увлечения - это, вероятно, коллекционирование.
8. Очень популярное увлечение - коллекционирование книг.
10. Некоторые коллекционеры собирают редкие или старинные книги, другие - красивые или необычные.
12. Некоторые люди дарят свои коллекции книг музеям, библиотекам.
14. Они очень красивые, с замечательными иллюстрациями о различных видах искусства.

2 People of almost any age can have fun.
4 There are different kinds of art, and each of them has a lot of opportunities for a hobby.
6 The most common form of fascination is probably collecting.
8 A very popular hobby is collecting books.
10 Some collectors collect rare or old books, others - beautiful or unusual.
12 Some people donate their collections of books to museums, libraries.
14 They are very beautiful, with wonderful illustrations about different types of art.

Мое хобби рисование (12 предложений на английском)

Hobby is a special interest or activity that you do in your free time. It helps to relax, get satisfaction and pleasure when you pursue it.
Also, it distracts from everyday routine and hard work when you are interested and involved in a different activity.
As for me, my hobby is drawing. I like to draw different pictures. I spend a lot of time on my hobby. I go to art school four times a week. In art school we draw gouache and watercolour. We create our own works and take exams. Besides, some pictures are exhibited and we take pert in art contests. All of this is very enjoyable but takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, I find my hobby interesting and useful for me.

Я получила удовольствие от этого лета. Я познакомилась с разными, интересными людьми и обрела новых друзей. Так же, я прочитала много книг, в том числе и школьную литературу. Больше всего мне понравился роман Льва Толстого "Анна Каренина".
За это лето я съездила в Пермь и прогулялась там со своей мамой. Ещё я смогла поработать официанткой в кафе "Венеция" и заработать деньги. Мне там не понравилось, потому что там слишком злой коллектив и зажатая атмосфера.
В июле я посетила театр и посмотрела вдохновляющий спектакль. После этого я стала писать свои собственные рассказы, что в последствии стало моим хобби.
В августе я усилено занялась спортом со своей бабушкой. Посещала спортзал и ходила в бассейн.
В принципе, это лето мне понравилось и принесло много положительных эмоций, чему я очень рада.

I got pleasure from this summer. I met different, interesting people and found new friends. Also, I read many books, including school literature. Most of all I liked Lev Tolstoy’s novel "Anna Karenina."
For this summer I went to Perm and walked there with my mom. I was able to work as a waitress in the cafe "Venice" and earn money. I didn’t like to work there, because there is too evil collective and a clamped atmosphere.
In July, I visited the theater and watched the inspiring performance. After that I started writing my own stories, which later became my hobby.
In August, I intensified my sport with my grandmother. I visited the gym and went to the pool.
In principle, this summer I liked and brought a lot of positive emotions, which I am very happy.

Написать на английском 8 предложений на тему моё хобби или моё свободное время

I have been dancing since I was 5. And it is passion of my life. At first, I danced ballroom dancers. It is very beautiful and elegant. Dress, heels, hair - what could be more beautiful? Before going on a stage, you feel excitement. But once the music starts to play, once there is a great desire to come out and shows to all that you are capable. And exit. Crowds of people are watching your every movement, a smile. And it is a true happiness. Для меня жизнь - это танец. Не представляю себя, без него. Я танцую с 5 лет. И это увлечение всей моей жизни. Сначала я танцевала бальные танцы. Это очень красиво и изящно. Платье, каблук, прическа - что может быть более прекрасней? Перед выходом на сцену, тебя переполняет волнение. Но как только начинает играть музыка, сразу появляется большое желание, выйти и показать на все что ты способен. И вот выход. Толпы людей смотрят за каждым твоим движением, улыбкой. И это настоящее счастье.  

My hobby is reading different books.I also love to sing, dance, draw.I spend time with friends.Harmful my hobby is to watch TV as it is harmful to the eyes.In the morning, my hobby is running.The day I cleaned, but it’s not really a hobby.Also love to sleep! And I love to eat)
Мое хобби-чтение разных книг. Я также люблю петь, танцевать, рисовать. Я провожу время с друзьями. Вредный мое хобби-смотреть телевизор, так как это вредно для глаз. Утром, мое хобби работает. Днем я убиралась, но это не совсем хобби. Тоже люблю спать! И я люблю поесть)

Написать на английском 8 предложений моё хобби или моё свободное воемя

My hobby.
1).My hobby is not like everyone! 2). I love to sing, dance, draw. 3)But most of all to go to her grandmother in the village, lying on a haystack and watch nature. 4) Coming home I write in the book their experiences. 5) It’s hardly a hobby, but after reading the article of the textbook in social studies, I realized that a hobby can be what you imagine! 6) Above I lists the drawing is the most relaxing thing I like to do. 7) I took 3rd place in the city competition. 8) I love my hobby!

In my free time I usually make some candles. I have a special place for this hobby in my room. The hardest thing in this hobby is that you have only 20 minutes for your candle until it dries up. So first you take your candle usually it’s white then you put it in different types and colors of beeswax. After those five or 10 layers you can start to cut. For this you will need a little knife and you’ll need to do it fast. Now you start putting up and down trees flowers butterflies and animals. Then you put a finishing glossy layer and your done!

Build sentences:
1. a has Linda never car driven.
2. trees your near there house are?
3. the go for will walk in we evening a.
4. playing who guitar the is?
5. have brothers I no got sisters and.
Choose the correct variant:
1. My father. watch TV shows.
a. haven’t b. isn’t c. don’t d. doesn’t
2. They have waited. morning.
a. by b. for c. since d. in
3. Моя сестра сейчас готовит обед.
a. My sister cook dinner now.
b. My sister is cook dinner now.
c. My sister cooks dinner now.
d. My sister is cooking dinner now.
4. Перевести на английский
Когда они переехали в новую квартиру?
5. I have. swum in the ocean.
a. ever b. often c. usually d. never
6. She comes here often.
a. When does the comes?
b. When does she come?
c. When does she came?
d. When does she coming?
7. are playing tennis.
a. she b. I c. my friends d. Victor
8. Перевести на английский
1. Я - студент университета.
2. Ты придешь завтра?
3. На стене картина.
4. Что ты будешь есть?
5. Кто ходит за покупками?
6. Каково твое хобби?
7. Ее комната - большая.

1.Linda has never driven a car.
2. Are your house near these trees?
3. We will go for a walk in the evening.
4. Who is playing the guitar?
5. I have brother and no got sisters.
1. c
2. d
3. d
4. When did they move into a new apartment
5. d
6. b
7. c
8. 1) I am a university student.
2) Will you arrive tomorrow?
3) There is a picture on the wall.
4) What are you going to eat.
5) Who goes shopping?
6) What is your hobby?
7) Her room is big.