Переделать предложения в пассивные. А
1)Meg drives her car slowly and carefully
2) Pam read an adventure book last week
3) Joseph answered the question correctly
4) David doest’t know the way to garbour
5) They will open opera house next week
6) Mason and Lucas read story books every day
7) Lexi and Megan eat ice-cream there times a week
8) They have translated the book into25 languages
9) Mr.Oven cleans our street every morning
10) You cannot take pets into the cheater

1)Meg drives her car slowly and carefully
2) Pam read an adventure book last week
3) The question was answered by Joseph correctly.
4) The way to the harbour is unknown to David.
5) Opera house will be opened next week.
6) Story books are read by Mason and Lucas every day.
7) Ice-cream is eaten by Lexi and Megan three times a week.
8) The book has been translated into 25 languages.
9) Our street is cleaned by Mr. Oven every morning.
10) Pets cannot be taken into the theater.

Переделайте предложения в пассивный залог
1 We don’t drink tea very often
2 Vegetarians don’t eat meat
3 Liz reads newspapers every day(+к этому предложению задать 5 вопросов в Passive Voice)
4 We pay the bill before leaving the restaurants
5 He charges cars once a year
6 Somebody cleans the room every day
7 people don’t use this road very often.
Выполните полностью задание и правильно!

1 Мы не пьем чай очень часто
2 Вегетарианцы не едят мясо
3 Лиз ежедневно читает газеты
4 Мы платим счет перед выходом из ресторанов
5 Он заряжает автомобили раз в год
6 Кто-то каждый день очищает комнату
7 человек не используют эту дорогу очень часто.

Переделать предложения из активного залога в пассивный
1. They grow coffee in Brazil 2. He examines patients on the second floor 3. She feeds the animal twice a day. 4. They deliver the newspaper in the morning. 5. We lend books only to students. 6. They serve lunch at 12. 00 7. England makes the best computers. 1. He found the child in the park. 2. They broke the glasses with a stone. 3. She saw the mouse in the kitchen. 4. I polished the furniture in the afternoon. 5. He made the dress. 6. Somebody pushed Mary into the water. 7. People from all over the world visited the museum.

1. Coffee is grown in Brazil. The patients are examined  on the second floor 
3. The animal is fed t twice a day. 4. The newspaper is delivered inmorning. 5. The books are lent only to students. 6. The lunch is served at 12. 00  7. The best computers are made in England. 1. The child was found in the park. 2. The glasses were broken with a stone. 3. The mouse was seen in the kitchen. 4.  The furniture was polishedin the afternoon. 5. The dress was made. 6. Mary was pushed into the water. 7. The museum was visited by people from all over the world

1. coffee was grown in Brazil;
3. the animal is fed twice a day
4. the newspaper is delivered in the morning
5. books are lent only to students
6. lunch is served at 12:00
7. the best computers are made in englland
8. the child was fonded in the park
9. the glass was broken with a stone
10. the mouse was seen in thekitchen
11. the furniture was polished in the afternoon
12. the dress was made
13. Mary was pushed into the water
14. the museum was visited all over the world