ответить: переведите используя страдательный залог в нужном времени 1. Эта школа была построена в прошлом году. 2. В нашем клубе показывают новые фильмы 3. Эту газету читают во многих странах мира 4. В этом магазине продаются книги на иностранных языках 5. Ему дали эту книгу сегодня. 6. Над ним часто смеются. 7. На письмо надо ответить 8. На эту картину часто ссылаются. 9. На эту картину часто смотрят 10. Я помню, тот дом строился, когда мы приехали сюда.

1) This school was built last year
2) New films are shown in our club
3) This newpaper  is read in many countries in the world
4) Books in foreign languages are sold in this shop
5) He was given a book today  (можно he has been given a book today)
6) He is often laughted at
7) The letter must be answered
8) This picture is often referred to
9) This picture is often looked at
10) I remember that house was being built when we came here

Переделайте предложения из действительного залога в
страдательный, сохраняя видовременную форму сказуемого. Переведите
полученные предложения на русский язык.
1.Most town planners accept the traditional town pattern.
2.They have built a new hospital near the airport.
3.Somebody was recording our conversation.
4.We gave the information to the police.
5.People don’t use this road very often.

1 The traditional town pattern is accepted by most town planners Традиционный городской рисунок ( городская модель) принимается  большинством городских проектировщиков
2 A new hospital has been built near the airport -  Новая больница построена рядом с аэропортом.
3 Our conversation was being recorded by somebody. Наш разговор кем то  записывался 
4 The information was given to the police Информация была передана полиции
 5 This road isn’t  used by people very often. Эта дорога не используется людьми очень часто

Раскройте скобки в страдательном залоге
1. Russian President (know) all over the world
2. Hockey (play) in winter.
3. Cold weather (bring) by the north wind.
4. The cake (make) of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. 5. It (say) that there is no better place than home. 6. I felt sick and (tell) to stay at home.
7. The students (give) a lot of homework yesterday. 8. The children (leave) alone tomorrow. 9. Your secret (keep) until I die.

Is known
Is played
Is brought
Is made
It is said
Was told
Were given
Will be left
Will be kept

₁) Is known 
₂) Is played 
₃) Is brought
₄) Is made
₅) It is said 
₆) Was told
₇) Were given
₈) Will be left 
₉) Will be kept

Переведите на английский язык:
1) Учитель хочет, чтобы они его слушали.
2) Мы ожидали, что он приедет вовремя.
3) Папа хочет, чтобы Джон сам зарабатывал себе на жизнь.
4) Я ожидаю, что он выиграет конкурс.
5) Сэм предполагал, что Елена посетит тот живописный замок.
6) Я бы хотел, чтобы мои ответы были остроумными.
7) Несколько читателей хотят, чтобы я подписал им книги.
8) Я не ожидала, что Джэк позволит дочери пойти на концерт.
9) Полли попросила маму купить билеты в партере.
10) Мне посоветовали прочитать эту книгу. (Страдательный залог)

1) The teacher wants them to listen to him. 2) We expected him to arrive on time. 3) Dad wants John to make his living. 4) I expect that he will win the competition. 5) Sam assumed that Elena would visit that picturesque castle. 6) I would like my answers to be witty. 7) Several readers want me to sign them books. 8) I did not expect Jack to let my daughter go to the concert. 9) Polly asked her mother to buy tickets in the stalls. 10) I was advised to read this book.

1 The  teacher  wants  to be  listened
2  We  waited  he  would  come  on  time.
3   The  father  wants  John  to  earn on  living  on  his  own.
4  I wait  hu will  win  the  contest
5  Sam  suppoused  Helen  would  visit  that  pictureque castle.
6  I’d like  my  answers  to be  smart.
7   Some  (few,  several) readers  want  their  books to be  signed.
8  I  didn’t  expect Jack  would  allow  his  daughter to attend  the  oncert (to  go  to  the  concert, to  visit  the  concert).
9  Polly  asked her  mother  to  by  stalls  tickets.
10 I  ws  advised  to  read this  book

Написать 6 предложений в страдательном залоге, по 2 в каждом времени Present, Past, Future. Английский язык.

Window is broken. Baby is born.
They are being repaired. Is poem being read?
Laura has been removed. They haven’t been understood.
Doors were coloured. Was file deleted?
Space was being explored. Were they being drawn?
Had you been exposed? Novel had been written.
Ron will be scared. Will homework be done?
Forest will have been explored. Factory will have been built.
( пассивный залог не употребляется в Future Continuous и во всех временах Perfect Continuous)

Нужно перевести предложения из действительного залога в страдательный.
1) She is sending a fax
2) Father promised the son a new bicycle
3) I will send the telegram tommorow
4) Kate told us an intresting story
5) Ann had done the homework by 3 pm yesterday
6) The teacher asked Bill a lot of questions
7) He sends me letters every days
8) Kate offered me help
9) I will phone you tommorow
10) He was telling us a story

1) She is sending a fax - A fax is being sent 
2) Father promised the son a new bicycle - A new bicycle was promised the son by his father
3) I will send the telegram tommorow - The telegram will be sent tomorrow
4) Kate told us an intresting story - An interesing story was told to us
5) Ann had done the homework by 3 pm yesterday - the homework had been done by 3 pm yestarday
6) The teacher asked Bill a lot of questions - A lot of quiestions were asked Bill 
7) He sends me letters every days - Letters are sent to me every day
8) Kate offered me help - Help was offered
9) I will phone you tommorow - You will be phoned tomorrow 
10) He was telling us a story - A story was being told to us

Переделайте предложения, употребив глагол в страдательном залоге
1. Beethoven wrote the Pastoral Symphony. 2. He wrote the Symphony with a pen made from a goose feather. 3. A falling stone injured Beethoven’s foot. 4. My parents never lock the children alone in the flat. 5. They serve lunch in the cafeteria from 11. 00 to 2. 30. 6. The guide asked the visitors not to touch the furniture. 7. People will talk much about the successful debut of the young actress. 8. You should send the sick man to hospital. 9. Why did they laugh at him? 10. You can always rely upon him. 11. The lecturer advized the students to read rare books on this problem.

1. The Pastoral Symphony was written by Beethoven
2. The Symphony was written with a pen made from a goose feather
3. Beethoven’s foot was injured by a falling stone
4. My parents’ children are never locked alone in the flat
5. The lunch is served in the cafeteria from 11. 00 to 2. 30
6. The visitors were asked by the guide not to touch the furniture
7. The successful debut of the young actress will be talked much about
8. The sick man should be sent to hospital
9. Why was he laughed at?
10. He can always be relied upon
11. The students were advised by the lecturer to read rare books on this problem

Переделайте предложения из действительного в страдательный залог.
1. You open the door. 2. We asked questions. 3. He will finish his project next week. 4. He can do this exercise. 5. They invited me to their conference. 6. I saw a new film. 7. My sister writes letters regularly. 8. Universities develop new methods of students’ training. 9. After graduating from the University the students may get a still higher degree. 10. The study of foreign languages, history and economics must improve the curricula of technological universities.

1 The door is opened by you.
2 Questions were asked by us.
3 His project will be finished by him next week.
4 This excercise can be done by him.
5 I was invited by them to their conference.
6 A new film was seen by me.
7 Letters are written by my sister regularly.
8 New methods of student’s training are developed by universities.
9 A still higher degree can be got by the students after graduating from the university.
10 The curricula of technological universities must be improved by the study of foreign languages, history and economics.